“Stained Glass” Pendant

“Stained Glass” Pendant

Stained Glass Sapphire Pendant  Stained Glass Sapphire Pendant

Multi-colored Rosecut Sapphire Stained Glass Pendant  Multi-colored Rosecut Sapphire Stained Glass Pendant


**As seen in the May 2014 issue of British Vogue

This necklace is the culmination of all of our jewelry obsessions – which we hope will become yours! It integrates more than 50 carats of multi-colored rosecut sapphires set in the darkest oxidized sterling with 18k yellow gold, giving an antique vibe with a current versatility.

The bale was based on the finial from a turn-of-the-century Tiffany stained glass lamp, and is shown in brushed yellow gold. It is also available in polished gold. The inset photo shows the other side of this reversible pendant.

Each side has specific stones that will become your best-loved. There is no front or back, making the pendant unique and fun so you could never get bored wearing it. No two are alike, and we are happy to work with you on preferred color schemes and shapes. We can customize your dream “stained-glass” pendant, or surprise you with our special hand-selected choices!

This pendant was handcrafted in Bangkok, Thailand.


$3,250.00 USD

**We want your purchase to exceed expectations. The photos were selected to give you an accurate depiction of how the piece actually looks. We don’t Photoshop our gemstones or use the florescent lights many websites and department stores utilize.

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We would love to hear any questions you might have about the piece above. Contact us at any time.

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