How To Buy a Ruby

How To Buy a Ruby

Many visitors are afraid of gemstone scams in Thailand… and rightfully so. Unless you go through a credible source, you could be misled about the quality of the stone including the color, cut, and treatment. It is important to always receive a recently dated certificate from the sourcing of the stone.

Rubies are comparable to diamonds in that they may or may not have inclusions. However, unlike diamonds they can never be totally flawless. Rubies are very durable stones. Even if they have minor inclusions, they will not chip or crack in time. If you come across a ruby that is “perfect,” chances are… it is a fake. Rubies with a blood red color and few to no inclusions are very rare and expensive.

When you are shopping for rubies, always look for the color first and then the clarity. Color choice is a personal decision depending on what your aesthetic is. Rubies can be any shade from a deep rich red to a pretty pale pink. A ruby with little to no inclusions can cost you twice as much as a larger stone with inclusions.

The ruby you choose should be symmetrical, and free of nicks and scratches. If there are visible inclusions they should be far from the surface of the stone. If you hold the stone in the light there should not be a dark area, or a dullness in color. If these attributes show up, it can be assumed the stone was not cut well.

The most common cuts are oval, cushion, cabochon, and round. Heart and emerald cuts are more unusual. Today many designers favor the more pink “rough” rubies to give a more understated feel. In the end, it is all about how the stone makes you feel and how you want to wear it!


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