How To Buy A Sapphire

How To Buy A Sapphire

Seventy percent of the world’s sapphires pass through Thailand for cutting, treating, and marketing.  Blue, blue-green, pink, yellow, and star sapphires are all mined in Chanthaburi, and Kanchanaburi, Thailand.  Blue sapphires are the most popular but are not necessarily the most valuable.

When you are purchasing a sapphire, the price depends partially on the color.  Blue sapphires are the most desirable when they have a violet overtone.  Grayish and lightly colored blues are not as valuable but can be quite pretty.  One of the least expensive of sapphires is the deep dark blue that almost looks black.  Pink sapphires are considered best when they are a hot pink with little to no lavendar overtone.  Purple sapphires are comparable to the most beautiful amethysts but have more of a reddish overtone.  Yellows should have a golden tint, not brown, but even more valuable are the orange yellows.  Olive tints may not be considered valued but are a beloved choice by many current designers.

Prices of sapphires also depend on clarity.  Just like all precious stones, the more expensive are the stones that have few visible inclusions.  However, there are fine sapphires found in India that have a velvety texture that tend to enhance the blue richness which is very desirable.

Sapphires are not only diverse in color, but they are in cut as well.  They are most often cushion shape, but also found in round brilliant cuts, triangles, squares, emerald cuts, pear shapes, baguettes, cabochon, and smooth domes.

We can thank Princess Diana for increasing the popularity of the blue sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds.  It was a traditional English piece prior to her engagement, but has become a worldwide ring of choice for many collectors. Sapphires will forever be a classic heirloom stone.



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