Opaque Grey Diamond Necklace

Opaque Grey Diamond Necklace

After losing a very special piece of jewelry we worked with a loyal and lovely couple to recreate a more custom version of what was once had-  a brown diamond necklace.  It was decided grey diamonds would be more suitable and wearable for the recipient.  So, AGC set out to find the most beautiful stones possible and came across these three rare and beautiful opaque grey diamonds.  They total in at 6.2 carats.  We set the three large stones in oxidized 18k white gold surrounded by .49  carats of white diamonds.  The finished look is a stunning “antiquey not goth” piece of jewelry that has AGC wanting to design with more opaque diamonds in yellows, browns, greys, and black!  The best part is this piece was a fraction of the original hopefully making this whole experience a lot less painful.  This necklace was handcrafted in Bangkok, Thailand.

Price: To maintain our client’s privacy, prices are not listed. Do not be shy, use the Contact Us form to get more photos and a price estimate.

**We want your purchase to exceed expectations. The photos were selected to give you an accurate depiction of how the piece actually looks. We don’t Photoshop our gemstones or use the florescent lights many websites and department stores utilize.

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