Jewelry Makeover: Love, Recycled

Jewelry Makeover: Love, Recycled

pink opal green chalcedony double drop earrings   Opal Chalcedony Earring Makeover

I knew better, but I fell in love with and purchased sea-glass green chalcedony earrings set in gold vermeil several years ago. And sure enough, my love didn’t last. The gold vermeil wore off, leaving the earrings looking weathered and not well made. But the beautiful cushion-cut gemstones were clearly worth saving.

We found two rose-cut pink opals whose salmon pink color complemented the chalcedony perfectly. The irregular round shape of the opals begged for an organic setting. We chose 18k yellow gold to brighten the color combination and made the earrings asymmetrical to complete the “treasure found on the beach” effect.

Now, I’m in love again. And this time, I know it’s forever.

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