Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Celestial Star Sapphire Earrings Back Celestial Star Sapphire Earrings

A couple of weeks before the big day, my husband said the magic words – “For your birthday, why don’t you make yourself a nice piece of jewelry?” Say no more. I started mentally combing my inspiration file before he even finished the sentence!

In the file…a photo of a pair of rose gold Victorian-era earrings in a unique star setting. I fell in love with the setting (one of a kind, circa 1890), but not the one-carat diamonds they used, the old-fashioned lever back, and certainly not the $9,000 price tag.

To enhance the celestial setting, Jamie and I found two three-carat blue star sapphires with an “ocean at night” varigated color. We knew the setting would be a challenge so we went to our best workshop. They were able to replicate the complicated, handmade setting, modified to hold the larger stones and with a modernized closed French hook, based on only a photograph.

The final result: amazing, otherworldly earrings I’ll always love and treasure. Just like a certain hubby of nearly 15 years!

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