Nouveau Art Deco

Nouveau Art Deco

Antique Green Amethyst Necklace   Antique Green Amethyst Necklace   White Topaz Tie Necklace   Topaz and Green Amethyst Necklaces


The release of The Great Gatsby has put all things Art Deco front and center again, so it’s not surprising that a client wanted to re-make a necklace from 1910 that AGC co-founder Jamie often wears for special nights out.

Jamie’s necklace is antique emerald-cut white topaz set in sterling silver which has oxidized a bit over the past century.  The client loved the design but wanted to make the necklace a bit edgier, and thought a bit of color in the stones would suit her complexion.  We found the palest of green amethysts and made the setting completely oxidized sterling for that “darkened antique” look.

Re-imagining antique jewelry using wax molds, specially cut stones, and century-old jewelry-making techniques is a process, but well worth the wait.  We continue to be amazed by the skill of the artisans in Thailand…in fact, the range and skill found here inspired the creation of AGC.

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