Trust us, you need this toe ring.

Trust us, you need this toe ring.

Butterfly Toe Ring Butterfly Toe Ring

Hand-carved butterfly tourmalines  Butterfly Toe Ring

Some things are worth every penny.  The jeans with the perfect wash.  The great white shirt that looks sexy without trying too hard.  The well-crafted leather bag you’ll have forever.

Add to that list The Ultimate Toe Ring.  Once confined to the beach or the boardwalk, the toe ring is occasionally elevated in status using sterling silver or Swarovski’ed.  But we dare say you’ve never seen a toe ring like this.

Jamie and I have long debated what constitutes the most luxurious toe ring, playing with design ideas for months.  But then we met Odilon, a Brazilian in Bangkok with the most beautiful hand-carved pink, burgundy, green, blue and white tourmaline butterfly wings.  And we knew.

We selected small, delicate wings and surrounded them with 18k white or yellow gold.  For the pink and green pair, an olive green bezel set sapphire was the perfect finishing touch.  For the blue and white wings, a white sapphire added serious sparkle.

Black tie or beachfront, this is one investment you’ll never regret.  Choose your wings and your favorite sapphire and gold, and we’ll make you the handcrafted, one-of-a-kind luxury toe ring you never knew you really needed.


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