Sapphire, Moonstone and Labradorite Stacking Rings

Sapphire, Moonstone and Labradorite Stacking Rings

Sapphire Moonstone and Labradorite Stacking Rings

This new friend of Asia Gem Connection is the lucky winner of the Sassy Hong Kong holiday giveaway. She decided to use her voucher to create a set of 18k white gold stacking rings using a black sapphire, white moonstone, and grey labradorite with lavender fire. The colors complement each other beautifully and the moonstone is a smooth cabochon cut, contrasting with the checkerboard cut of the other gems and keeping the look unexpected.

These rings feature a 2.67 carat moonstone, a 2.05 carat labradorite, and a black sapphire weighing 3.23 carats. They were handcrafted in Bangkok, Thailand.

Price: To maintain our client’s privacy, prices are not listed. Do not be shy, use the Contact Us form to get more photos and a price estimate.

**We want your purchase to exceed expectations. The photos were selected to give you an accurate depiction of how the piece actually looks. We don’t Photoshop our gemstones or use the florescent lights many websites and department stores utilize.

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