Summer Sunshine

Summer Sunshine

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We. Love. Summer.  Which is a good thing since we live in the land of perpetual sun.  But it’s fair to say the bright rays of the warmer months tend to lift everyone’s spirits.

So when one of our favorite gemstone sources showed us a rare color of citrine the color of summer sunlight, we fell in love instantly.  At the time, we were working for a client who wanted to design a citrine pendant surrounded in matte rose gold.  The 3.37-carat citrine complements the gold perfectly.

We then suggested the same gemstones, which can be custom-cut to any size, for a pair of earrings engraved with frangipani flowers to commemorate an American expat’s holidays in Thailand.  Finally, we used three carats of these beautiful stones in our antique inspired oxidized sterling and 18k yellow gold setting.

Citrines are most commonly seen in either the sunset orange or fire orange color.  They are affordable and can be found in large sizes, so they are perfect for cocktail rings, pendants or large earrings.  These marigold citrines are “same same, but different,” as they say here in Thailand.  Equally affordable, seriously sparkly, and the lighter color makes them a bit more subtle (they would be great for cuff links, too!).  Perfect for the man or woman who wants to wear a little bit of summer, all year long.

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