Go Big!

Go Big!

Mismatched Antique-Inspired Pink Amethyst Earring Green Amethyst Diamond Ring 2 Amethyst Cocktail Ring

Sometimes, a gal’s gotta rock some major jewels.  Friday night, out with the girls, prosecco in one hand and giant 70s cocktail ring sparkling on the index finger.  Or huge studs or drops that make your favorite dress a joy to wear again.

If you’ve been eager to go big, consider the green, pink or royal purple amethyst.  The medium and pale purple stones are common in jewelry found in U.S. department stores, mostly in medium sized stones.  But here in Thailand, where the gems are mined and cut, you can get seriously huge gemstones in any shape, in a range of colors.  Olive green, sage green, pale celadon, ballet pink, lavender, medium purple, and royal purple are plentiful and cut for maximum impact – at a very affordable price.

A few thought starters: these 44-carat t.w. asymmetrical pink amethyst single drop earrings, worn recently to a formal event but also seen with jeans and a tee; a white gold, diamond and sage green amethyst cocktail ring totaling 7.77 carats; and finally, a simple but impactful 25+ (!) carat royal purple cocktail ring.

So rock it, as big as you want.  Ten carats, twenty, thirty, or more!  Add diamonds on the prongs, pave diamonds or gemstones around the center stone, or pair two ameys with coordinating colors as a double drop dazzler or side-by-side cocktail ring.  Sterling, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold…shiny or matte…the possibilities are endless.  We can meet any budget and help you design the statement piece you’ve been dreaming about.  Happy hour just got a lot bigger.

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