Before & After: Double Ruby and Black Diamond Ring

Before & After: Double Ruby and Black Diamond Ring

rubies      Double Ruby and Black Diamond Ring  double ruby ring 18k gold  Double Ruby and Black Diamond Ring


Jewelry is an investment, of course, but it is also arguably the most expressive, personal statement you make to others.  It’s selected with both sides of the brain – logic tells us a perfect blue sapphire, for example, will hold its value and serve as a timeless heirloom for the next generation, but when selecting jewelry we also wait for a gem or piece to “speak to us.”

Sound a little too New Age-y?  Bear with me.

When Jamie and I peruse our gem dealers’ wares for clients, we wait for the perfect stone to reveal itself.  Such was the case with this cherry-red faceted ruby.  While wading through hundreds of rubies at the gem fair, this ruby stopped us in our tracks.  We knew, at some point, it would become a statement piece.

Weeks later, the inspiration came. We placed the ruby next to a darker ruby slice on Jamie’s hand and it was clear what needed to be done: a simple refined setting of 18k yellow gold, and black diamond prongs. It has a feel of “leather and lace,” making it edgy yet lovely. The precious round ruby has a pinkish-red cherry color and weighs in at 11.31 carats. The rose cut burgundy slice is 15.30 carats. The prongs hold .25 carats of black diamonds. We anticipate this design to start a new AGC trend very soon!

Working with us to create a unique, one of a kind piece of jewelry starts with a feeling.  “I want a killer ruby ring,” “I’ve always loved emeralds,” or “My mom once had a diamond and sapphire pendant I’ve always wanted.”  We can even start with, “my wife has blonde hair and brown eyes and wants a pair of earrings.”  Let’s start talking, and then the perfect gems will join the conversation.

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