Tourmaline and Zircon Tassel Necklace

Tourmaline and Zircon Tassel Necklace

Tournaline and Zircon Tassel Necklace


This necklace began with the 6.83 neutral colored tourmaline.  Adding on the five peachy champagne natural zircon strands became the perfect marriage.  We used a textured 18k yellow gold setting to attach the two settings in a jellyfish type aesthetic.  The necklace hangs from a beautiful 22 inch 18k yellow gold handmade chain.  There is a ton of warmth in the colors of this piece keeping it understated and elegant.

This necklace was handmade in Bangkok, Thailand.

Price: To maintain our client’s privacy, prices are not listed. Do not be shy, use the Contact Us form to get more photos and a price estimate.

**We want your purchase to exceed expectations. The photos were selected to give you an accurate depiction of how the piece actually looks. We don’t Photoshop our gemstones or use the florescent lights many websites and department stores utilize.

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