Gem Hunting: Gold Sheen Sapphires

Gem Hunting: Gold Sheen Sapphires

Deep in the heart of Bangkok’s Gem District, there are amazing discoveries around every corner. We constantly expand our network to offer more selection and better prices to our clients, but we are especially excited when we encounter a stone or gem cut we have never seen before.

We met sapphire specialist Tanzim at the Bangkok Gem Fair. In a sea of vendors, Tanzim stood out because of his enthusiasm and passion for his most recent discovery. Years of research has resulted in what Tanzim calls the Gold Sheen Sapphire, a stone that can be cut and polished to reveal a unique golden “fire” without any heating or enhancement. These natural stones are now available in cabochon or faceted gems in sizes up to ten and twenty carats + for a very reasonable price.

We toured his workshop to see the Gold Sheen Sapphires being cut and polished by hand. The finished sapphires are between a sapphire slice and faceted gem, a stone with plenty of mystery and golden fire. The most popular color is the deep golden brown, but there is also a dark blue color with golden fire.

We also visited his showroom to get a sense of his other capabilities. He specializes in colored sapphires and rare varieties of garnets, including spessartite (red-orange), demantoid (vibrant phosphorescent green), and rhodolite (pinkish burgundy). He also has rare color-change garnets in both the grey-blue and green-red colors.

Designers in the UK have already purchased parcels of Gold Sheen Sapphires to incorporate into their designs. A few visits with Tanzim left us feeling inspired as well – and with a few loose sapphires to share with our clients. Contact us for a complimentary consultation if this stone speaks to you as well!

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