Gold Sheen Sapphires

Gem Hunting: Gold Sheen Sapphires

Deep in the heart of Bangkok’s Gem District, there are amazing discoveries around every corner. We constantly expand our network to offer more selection and better prices to our clients, but we are especially excited when we encounter a stone or gem cut we have never seen before.
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Chrysoprase and 18k Gold Bracelet

Gem Hunting: Chrysoprase

When most think of vivid green gemstones, emerald comes to mind. And while we love a jaw-dropping Columbian emerald as much as the next gem-obsessed person, we also have a soft spot in our hearts for the far more accessibly-priced, yet still stunning, semi-precious stone Chrysoprase.
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Spessartite Garnet Ring

Spessartite Garnet Ring

Spessartite Garnet also known as the Mandarin Garnet is best known for its orange yellow color. We have taken a particular liking to the deep red version with an orange fire within. This 8.56 carat stone is bound to mesmerize anyone who looks at it. We customized this ring for...
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blue rosecut sapphire ring

Caroline and Adam’s Story

We love designing all kinds of engagement rings- diamond, sapphire, ruby, timeless, stylish… you name it! Recently, a newly engaged couple in Bangkok contacted us through a friend. They wanted to design a ring together that celebrated the country where they met and fell in love. The result was a...
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Thailand Pendant 18k Gold and Sapphire

Jewelry For A Good Cause

Everyone who visits Thailand – and Southeast Asia – is charmed.  The people, the food, the beaches, the culture….visiting friends and family and fellow expats say being here is “amazing,” “a life-changing experience,” and “unforgettable” among other glowing adjectives!
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Emerald Slice Studs


Classic studs, the mainstay of every woman’s (and man’s!) earring wardrobe, are lightweight, versatile, and go from the beach to boardroom effortlessly…but there are many ways to express yourself within this broad jewelry category.  Adding a touch of luxury and individuality using simple settings that showcase fabulous stones is what...
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Double Ruby and Black Diamond Ring

Before & After: Double Ruby and Black Diamond Ring

Jewelry is an investment, of course, but it is also arguably the most expressive, personal statement you make to others.  It’s selected with both sides of the brain – logic tells us a perfect blue sapphire, for example, will hold its value and serve as a timeless heirloom for the...
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Amethyst and Diamond Cocktail Ring

Go Big!

Sometimes, a gal’s gotta rock some major jewels.  Friday night, out with the girls, prosecco in one hand and giant 70s cocktail ring sparkling on the index finger.  Or huge studs or drops that make your favorite dress a joy to wear again. If you’ve been eager to go big,...
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Blog 3

Summer Sunshine

We. Love. Summer.  Which is a good thing since we live in the land of perpetual sun.  But it’s fair to say the bright rays of the warmer months tend to lift everyone’s spirits. So when one of our favorite gemstone sources showed us a rare color…
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Butterfly Toe Ring

Trust us, you need this toe ring.

Some things are worth every penny.  The jeans with the perfect wash.  The great white shirt that looks sexy without trying too hard.  The well-crafted leather bag you’ll have forever. Add to that list The Ultimate Toe Ring.
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Blue and White Sapphire Slice Earrings

The Ultimate “Something Blue”

It’s wedding month, and sapphires from Thailand are the ultimate “something blue.” Three recent pieces celebrate this month’s weddings and anniversaries.
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Diamond Slice Necklace

Recognizing Rose Cuts

For many men and women, an engagement ring purchase is their introduction to the various cuts of diamonds such as…
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Antique Green Amethyst Necklace

Nouveau Art Deco

The release of The Great Gatsby has put all things Art Deco front and center again, so it’s not surprising…
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Celestial Star Sapphire Earrings on Side

Happy Birthday!

A couple of weeks before the big day, my husband said the magic words…
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pink opal green chalcedony double drop earrings

Jewelry Makeover: Love, Recycled

I knew better, but I fell in love…
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Green Diamond Yellow Sapphire Necklaces

Layering With Beautiful Friends of AGC

Our collection began with one black diamond necklace…which became so addictive that we launched our “E-Lynn” necklaces…
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Ruby Crossite Pendant

Designing Dude

The most fun we’ve had at work lately has been making a bespoke pendant for one New Yorker’s mother-in-law.
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Packaging With A Purpose

Fantastic gemstones and handcrafted jewelry are just the beginning of why it’s so great to live in – or visit – Thailand.
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Organic Sapphire Slice Earrings

Before and After: Organic Blue Sapphire Earrings

These gorgeous bespoke blue sapphire earrings are on their way to Los Angeles this week.  The client wanted…
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Before and After: Rhodolite Garnets and Purple Amethysts

In early March, we attended the annual Bangkok Gem Fair to network and gain inspiration for new jewelry. One item on our list was a large quantity of Rhodolite Garnets, a rare type of garnet with a pinkish purple hue. We had been looking for 24 two-carat stones to make...
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How To Buy a Ruby

Many visitors are afraid of gemstone scams in Thailand… and rightfully so. Unless you go through a credible source, you could be misled about the quality of the stone including the color, cut, and treatment. It is important to always receive a recently dated certificate from the sourcing of the...
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how2buy sapph pic1

How To Buy A Sapphire

Seventy percent of the world’s sapphires pass through Thailand for cutting, treating, and marketing.  Blue, blue-green, pink, yellow, and star sapphires are all mined in Chanthaburi, and Kanchanaburi, Thailand.  Blue sapphires are the most popular but are not necessarily the most valuable.
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